When you hire us, the condition of your carpets becomes completely restored. Far from what regular vacuuming will do, our services remove dirt, odour and other nasties from your carpet – leaving them looking and smelling fresh.

To maintain your carpets and upholstery and keep them looking great, it’s ideal to get them professionally cleaned once a year. Old, dull carpets will have the colour restored to them, and will be more hygienic for you and your family.

Deep steaming your carpets restores life to them, and we can assist with stained carpets and rugs. Not properly cleaning your carpets on a regular basis can be bad for children who suffer from allergies and asthma.

When we come to your place, why not ask us about our upholstery cleaning services as well? Just like deep steam carpet cleaning, your upholstery (lounge suites, sofas, mattresses or rugs) can be completely revitalised using our hot water deep extraction methods. This is ideal if your upholstery is looking old and worn, or if you’ve got stains that need to be removed.

Removing harsh stains, such as red wine, animal ‘oopsies’, or tomato sauce can be a tough challenge for most of us, but we made easy as we use the latest carpet cleaning products and equipment to remove the stain from the area so that it is barely visible.

About Us

Carpet Quean provides a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to the wider Wellington Region.

We pride ourselves on our very prompt service and make sure you receive the royal treatment.

By using Carpet Quean for all your carpet cleaning requirements , you will be impressed by the high quality of service and friendliness. Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis by a professional carpet cleaner is a great way of keeping your house healthy and hygienic. It can eliminate foul odours and remove unsightly stains, leaving your house smelling fresh and welcoming. 

Using hot water deep extraction method, the professional carpet cleaning machine gives a deep clean getting right into the pile of your carpet to lift the stains and remove the dirt you can’t see is there, just check out the water that is removed from the machine at the end of the job to see how much dirt is removed! Meaning your carpets will be left feeling plush and hygienic.

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